Mỡ dẫn điện


1.Khả năng dẫn điện tuyệt vời và khả năng chống ăn mòn của điện hóa, độ bám dính tốt và chống rỉ.

2.Điện trở tiếp xúc cực thấp và hệ số ma sát, nó có thể làm giảm nhiệt độ tiếp xúc tăng lên một cách hiệu quả và làm giảm sự mài mòn của tiếp xúc.

3.Tốt tài sản của nhiệt độ cao và thấp và bôi trơn và có thể làm giảm sự ăn mòn của bề mặt tiếp xúc điện.

4.Khả năng chịu nhiệt tuyệt vời và tính ổn định oxy hoá, sự khuếch tán dầu cực kỳ thấp và mất độ bốc hơi.

5.Khả năng chống ăn mòn tốt và chống ăn mòn, nó có tác dụng bảo vệ đối với các vật liệu kim loại (thép, đồng, nhôm vv).

Ứng dụng


High efficiency electric contact,  prevents static hazards.

It is well known that printer and treadmill will release static when operating and that will cause electrification danger to surroundings, which requires the using of conducting lubricating grease for ground protection function.

Conductive grease is often regarded as a function of ground wire.

For example, it would conduct the static generated in ball bearing of the computer instrument to avoid the accelerate damage to the bearing ball or the surface of track due to the arc generated by static.

A similar function is provided by treadmill to prevent damage to the bearings dues to the static generated by the rubber running belt.

As well as the laser printer and copier in office, the conductive grease can guide the static generated by the toner cartridge to the outside of the shell, so as to avoid the accumulated static generating arc and damage other components.

Caution: The conductive grease cannot be applied to the contact of slide switch for it will cause damage!



working principle of conducting lubricating grease

Conducting lubricating grease is put on the contact, and those tiny surfaces which were not contact with each other become conductors, the contact resistance greatly reduced, as a result, the conductivity of this contact and equipment will be enhanced.

There is a kind of fluoride conductive lubricating grease applied to the connection piece of the automobile battery abroad, not only improve the conductivity over a wide range of temperature, but also protect the joints well, avoid corrosion and dust.

VNOVO conducting grease is specially formulated to protect the equipments and prevent static hazards.


1.Widely used in isolating switch、motor switch、electrical circuit、electroplating production line、smelting electrolytic cell、the electrical rail of crane、electric locomotive pantograph、switchboard、bearing bush of seam welding machine、conductive of electric conduction link、anti-corrosion and lubrication.

2.Suitable for the situations maybe produced static, such as copiers、laser printers、charging roller of digital integrated machine and guiding current and lubrication of photosensitive drum pin and other parts, meanwhile, it can be used for the release of static in the grounding parts of moving instruments, such as treadmill. 


1.Excellent conductivity and resistance to corrosion of electrochemical, good adhesion and rust resistance.

2.Extremely low contact resistance and friction coefficient, it can reduce the contact temperature rise effectively and reduce contact abrasion.

3.Good property of high and low temperature and lubricity and can reduce abrasion of the electrical contact surface.

4.Excellent heat resistance and oxidation stability, extremely low oil diffusion and evaporation loss

5.Good water-proof and corrosion resistance, it has a protective effect on metallic materials (steel, copper, aluminum and so on).





Metallic grey



Consistency NLGI


Base oil


Solid lubricants

C, Al

Operating temperature, ºC

-20 to 1100

Electrical conductive



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